Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An Independent-Minded CEO Faces Oracle - WSJ.com

Perhaps this will be a TV mini-series soon...

Meanwhile, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison began coveting BEA. Over the past three years, Oracle executives approached Mr. Chuang several times to informally gauge his interest in an acquisition, though no bid was ever made, say people familiar with the matter. Each time, Mr. Chuang said he wasn't interested, they say. In the August interview, Mr. Chuang said BEA could grow independently.

But he was surprised by Oracle's move to publicize its bid for BEA, according to people familiar with the matter, and events may have spun out of his control. On Tuesday, Oracle Co-President Charles Phillips sent a letter to BEA, naming a price and proposing to start acquisition discussions. On Thursday, BEA wrote back, saying Oracle's offer was too low and asking for more clarity about how any acquisition process would proceed.

Alfred Chuang should pay close attention to perspectives such as the following, from later in the same article:

"When you're out with a technology that's maturing, and you have a lot of talented competitors with deep pockets, it's extremely hard to stay ahead," says Scott Dietzen, a former BEA chief technology officer now at Yahoo Inc.

An Independent-Minded CEO Faces Oracle - WSJ.com

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