Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Google, Old Media Diverge on Video -

Yeah, that'll help in the negotiations... 

Mr. Schmidt said the Internet giant continues to pursue deals that will let it show media companies' copyright content on YouTube but said there is a "genuine disagreement." Traditional media argue their content has a certain intrinsic value, while Google says "prove it," he said, speaking at a Bear Stearns investor conference yesterday. "That's often a difficult conversation."

Asked by a member of the audience whether Google is "arrogant," as charged by some in traditional media, Mr. Schmidt said, "I'm sure we're arrogant." But he chalked up such complaints to a negotiating tactic, grousing that one of the ways traditional media negotiate is by leaking details of deal negotiations to the press and then threatening to sue.

Source: Google, Old Media Diverge on Video -

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