Tuesday, August 15, 2006

WSJ.com - Microsoft Introduces New Program For Bloggers

Glad to know that Windows Live Writer will eventually go beyond blogs, e.g., to support wikis as well.

J.J. Allaire, Onfolio founder and Windows Live Writer architect, told the newspaper [Seattle Post-Intelligencer, to be precise; the WSJ ran a Dow Jones article version] he believes Windows Live Writer will expand beyond blogs into other forms of publishing.

"There's lots and lots going on right now with end users publishing content, and Windows Live Writer is a means of trying to tie all that together for people in a very pleasing and productive way," Allaire said.

BTW in case you missed this part of the story, JJ Allaire has quite a bit of history in this context, having created the first commercially successful web application server -- Allaire Cold Fusion -- during the mid-1990s...  (Cool -- the Wikipedia entry on JJ, referenced above, has already been updated to include Windows Live Writer.)

Source: WSJ.com - Microsoft Introduces New Program For Bloggers

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