Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Technology Review: The Missiles of August

A stark technology-related reality check: 

The events of September 2001 disproved the assumption that only a state could make war on another state. Now Hezbollah's confrontation with Israel has provided further education about how the world is changing. Hezbollah's campaign is a clear sign of how the democratization of missile technology -- of cruise missile technology, in particular -- is reshaping global realities.

Later in the article:

Overall, Hezbollah's decentralized, flexible network of small units exhibited the essential aspects of a warfighting style that some military thinkers have predicted would predominate in 21st-century warfare, and which has been described as netwar or fourth-generation warfare. It's a style of warfare that armies of nation-states, with their massive levels of force, are ill-equipped to fight.

Source: Technology Review: The Missiles of August

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