Monday, July 17, 2006

Scott Prather's The People Generation: When is a message a message?

Scott Prather's The People Generation
My friend and former (Lotus and Groove) colleague Scott Prather joins the blogosphere, starting with some big bets:

"E-Mail as we know it today will be dead in the next 7-10 years (btw you will find in my blog I will be assertive and I will take any $.07 bet out there ;-)). Users will have either completely switched over to an IM platform because they want a more contextual/less spammish environment or IM will be tossed because it never grew up to include the things like archival, backup and auditing that any kind of Enterprise communication infrastructure needs. I don't think this opens up the messaging market but I do think it will tilt the market either to IBM or Microsoft...whichever gets it first."

(Read the full post for context)

I'll take that bet, Scott. (Besides, if I lose, you can simply add it to the ~$7,777.77 I already owe you...)
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