Sunday, July 16, 2006

Microsoft Allegedly Planning 'Argo' MP3 Player

Microsoft Allegedly Planning 'Argo' MP3 Player: "The most alluring aspect of Argo is a new service that Microsoft is reportedly going to offer with the device. Essentially, Microsoft will scan your computer for any songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store and make those songs available to you from URGE for free, and in higher-quality Windows Media Audio (WMA) format. Microsoft will pay the record companies fees that are owed on the songs, so the net effect is that you've purchased the songs again, but Microsoft has paid for them. Although these costs are expected to be extravagant, Microsoft feels it's the only way it can overcome the final hurdle of moving people from the iPod: If users can't bring their music collections with them, many won't abandon Apple's device."
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