Monday, June 19, 2006

Top-secret Google data center almost completed

Top-secret Google data center almost completed: "Search engine giant Google is nearing completion of a new data center on the banks of the Columbia River in The Dalles, Ore. But trying to get information about the project is almost as difficult as finding Bigfoot."

On a related note, from Ray Ozzie's TechEd keynote 8 days ago:
"It's estimated that just among Microsoft and Yahoo and Google, there are well over 1 million servers racked up in data centers, located around the globe, serving trillions of e-mails, and IMs, and searches, housing many, many petabytes of storage, serving 1 billion Internet users. And the investment continues, you don't have to stray far from our Redmond headquarters to see. Earlier this year, Microsoft purchased a huge track of land in central Washington along the Columbia River, near the third-largest hydroelectric power source in the world, the Grand Coulee Dam. Last year Google purchased a tract of land in western Oregon, also along the Columbia River, a little further south. It's rumored that Yahoo is considering moving into this area, as well. This is just one geography, the same thing is happening elsewhere, elsewhere in this country, elsewhere worldwide."

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