Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Comcast fires employee caught sleeping on camera - Boston.com

Comcast fires employee caught sleeping on camera - Boston.com: "The Comcast technician was at customer Brian Finkelstein's home when he fell asleep after spending an hour on the phone waiting for his own company's customer service, the Comcast subscriber said."

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Happily Lost said...

The questions that come to mind are:

1. Why would the Comcast employee have to call customer service - why would he not have the tools or the abilities to handle the service issue on site without having to talk to somebody back at HQ.

2. Why would he have to be on hold for an hour to get the support required?

3. If an employee had to wait an hour to get hold of a live person, how long would it take a normal customer?

4. If the employee is supposed to make 5-7 support calls a day and is on the phone for an hour at each one , no wonder the poor guy is getting no sleep at home and is sleeping at work.

All in all, if Comcast would have some level of introspection, it would look at firing the person in charge of Customer Service, the person in charge of the call center, rehire the tech, lecture him about fall asleep at the customer, and buy him a Starbucks gift card....