Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Microsoft's 'Project Green' to come in waves | CNET News.com

Microsoft's 'Project Green' to come in waves | CNET News.com: "Initially, Microsoft is focusing on a couple of areas. One is drawing each of the business applications closer to other Microsoft products, namely adding business intelligence features that tie into its SQL Server database and portal services from the company's SharePoint product line. The other effort focuses on allowing the products to share a common Web services structure to connect with each other and with other software. That wave starts now, but is likely to continue until 2007.
A second wave, running through the end of the decade, is tied to Microsoft's Longhorn era of products and gets the company closer, but not all the way toward its goal of a single shared code base. The company plans to tap advances not just in the operating system, but also in the next version of the company's Visual Studio programming tools. "
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