Thursday, August 15, 2002

McNealy Takes Jabs at Microsoft ""I am very pleased by the pricing and licensing strategies the open-source community is committed to. This provides a counter to the 'annual tax' users have to cough up to Microsoft," he said." Compare with "... So, potentially you could make an argument that the open source thing is just screwing up all the revenue models and we aren't getting the advertising, because it isn't the best technology that always wins, it's who advertises more. You could make a very strong argument that says, "No that's messing with it." And in fact Bill Gates may be sitting up there laughing his butt off because the open source community is cutting the legs out from under all the R&D and promotion efforts of all the open interface strategies -- not open implementation, but open interface strategies" from this interview. Reading the fine print, it appears McNealy thinks it's okay for open source to decimate ISV models on the desktop, but hopes to preserve the traditional ISV model on the server side.
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