Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Welcome to BizTalk.org! "BizTalk.org is Closing... BizTalk.org was created in September, 1999, to encourage the exchange and definition of XML-based documents. Now that XML is a ubiquitous format, the need for this site has diminished. Furthermore, there are other repositories now for XML schema (for example XML.org). For these reasons, Microsoft will be shutting down the BizTalk.org web site on July 19, 2002. ... Note: BizTalk.org has nothing to do with the BizTalk Server product. BizTalk Server 2002 Partner and Standard editions were released on June 18, 2002. The BizTalk Server business is growing strong, and Microsoft is continuing to invest heavily in the BizTalk Server product line." Interesting sign of the times. (Thanks Bob)

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