Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Confirmed: Longhorn Will Be Major, Innovative Windows Release While the software implementation details are still vague, Gates says that Longhorn will:
- consolidate Windows storage so that documents, contacts, email, instant messaging buddy lists, calendar, and other data are all stored in the same way and easily searched together. The number one question Longhorn will answer, Gates says, is "Where's my stuff?"
- protect users from distractions by screening phone calls and email.
- track you down when you're out of the office and forward calls and email to you automatically.
- arrange conference calls and online meetings.
- let consumers easily set up Web sites and email lists to keep people they care about informed and up-to-date.
- securely access their important work data from home, using any connected device.
- read digital versions of magazines and other publications online that look exactly like the printed versions.

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