Thursday, June 13, 2002

Microsoft's vision of .Net Framework "... InfoWorld: What's your assessment of BEA's WebLogic Workshop Cajun development environment? How does it compare with Visual Studio.Net? ...
Hejlsberg: It's a very nice tool. I was quite impressed. Cajun is really about building Web services, but that's about it. It's the tool that you would use for Web services, but then when you're going to build the rest of your app or do remote debugging or all of these other things, it doesn't really do that. It's a cockpit for writing a Web service. ... There's a lot of boring stuff that has to be in a development environment today. It is amazing how much stuff goes into Visual Studio and how you can just keep digging. Take the whole data design environment, for example. You can look at all your tables in the hierarchy. All of those things are actually important when you're building apps. We tend to be very serial in our thinking, in our marketing. [We think] it's all about Web services and forget about everything else. Well, no, [you can't] forget about everything else. You've got to be able to do all of that and then you've got to be able to do Web services. It takes a lot to be a grownup development tool today."

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