Friday, February 24, 2017

Microsoft hasn't turned a phone into a PC just yet - The Verge

Final sentence of the review: "Until Microsoft brings a full version of Windows 10 to this type of device, if it even can, it’s still little more than a technology demo and an unfulfilled dream."

"When Microsoft first revealed its plans to turn Windows phones into a PC it really felt like the future. Others, like Motorola and Asus, have tried and failed to market phones that attach to laptops and turn into a PC, and it seemed like Microsoft had a good grasp of what was required to make this a reality.

Nearly two years after that announcement, I’ve had the chance to try the latest version of Windows 10’s Continuum extensively with a HP Elite x3 smartphone. It’s arguably the best Windows phones available right now (which is admittedly a low bar to hit among such a small field), and HP is really pushing Microsoft’s Continuum feature with a separate Lapdock accessory that lets you connect the phone to what looks like an ultrabook and use apps just like you would on a Windows 10 laptop. As much as this all sounds like the future, it’s a future that isn’t ready and has frustrated me much more than a regular laptop would."
Microsoft hasn't turned a phone into a PC just yet - The Verge

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