Thursday, December 08, 2016

Microsoft and Qualcomm Team Up on Tablets - WSJ

Also see Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 for Qualcomm Chips, a Blow to Intel (Bloomberg); tangentially, see Chromebooks: The Cheap, Good-Enough Alternative to Windows Laptops (WSJ)
"Microsoft Corp. is working with Qualcomm Inc. to spawn a new breed of tablets and notebooks that promise to diversify the software giant’s technology base and give the chip maker access to new markets. The partnership will result in an update of Windows 10 that runs on a chip in Qualcomm’s widely used Snapdragon line of processors, the first Windows 10-Snapdragon pairing.

However, those devices may not be able to handle every application developed for the company’s flagship operating system—recalling a blunder from a few years ago, when Microsoft rolled out a Windows variant that ran on mobile-friendly chips but wasn’t compatible with some Windows applications."
Microsoft and Qualcomm Team Up on Tablets - WSJ

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