Thursday, December 15, 2016

Is Trump Twitter’s salvation? - The Boston Globe

History may determine it was more about Twitter enabling Trump, imho; on a related note, see Twitter Has the Right to Suspend Donald Trump. But It Shouldn’t (NYT); also see Trump team says Twitter too small to be included in tech meeting (Reuters)
"And Trump’s Twitter love extends only so far. According to the news site Politico, when the president-elect met with technology leaders in New York Wednesday, he specifically disinvited Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey because his company wouldn’t allow the use of an emoji image mocking Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Twitter shouldn’t put its future in Trump’s hands, anyway. Its most promising new business idea has nothing to do with politics: broadcasting live football, baseball, and hockey games that should attract millions of mobile sports buffs — and the advertisers who want to be in front of them. And on Wednesday, the company upgraded its mobile app to allow live video streaming from smartphones."
Is Trump Twitter’s salvation? - The Boston Globe

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