Wednesday, June 08, 2016

GigJam Preview is now available for everyone - Office Blogs

Now in open preview for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad; check the full post for more usage scenarios; also see Everybody can now try Microsoft's wacky work-sharing app that's so crazy it might just take off (Business Insider)
"Need to discuss a draft contract with a customer? Just send over the right paragraphs to their phone, no need to send the entire file. Need a vendor’s help to fill in order details? Pull up the Salesforce order and related emails, hide the price and beam over the information to their phone to edit. In a huddle? Show a draft brochure to your designer, but only the text to your copywriter. Even bring a photographer into the session to pool photo options onto your designer’s phone so that they can choose the best fit for the brochure.

GigJam breaks down artificial barriers between devices, apps and people. In this new world, work becomes communal, with each person free to summon, divvy up and share just what they want, for only as long as they need, using any device."
GigJam Preview is now available for everyone - Office Blogs

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