Thursday, June 09, 2016

Eric Schmidt defends Google biotech spinoff Verily

Also see 'Nest is not for sale,' new CEO tells employees (The Verge)

"“We’re very, very confident of not only (Verily’s) approaches, but also the controls, reviews, and processes that will ultimately produce some amazing medical breakthroughs,” Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said at Alphabet’s annual shareholder’s meeting.
Schmidt also voiced support of high-tech thermostat maker Nest, another Alphabet company that has been the target of recent, critical media attention. Controversial Nest cofounder and CEO Tony Fadell stepped down last week to take an advisory role at Alphabet amid reports that he had alienated many employees with an overly demanding management style.

“We have millions of people using Nest thermostats in more than 200 countries,”  Schmidt said. “It’s growing at 50 percent year over year, faster than the overall company.”"
Eric Schmidt defends Google biotech spinoff Verily

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