Monday, February 08, 2016

I Want Amazon Bookstores - The Wayfinder - Hugh C. Howey

Check the full post for nine more Amazon points from author Hugh Howey

"Here are a few things that the anti-Amazon crowd don’t seem to get and why they are going to be surprised and completely wrong about all their prognosticating:
1) Online retail accounts for 8% of total retail. EIGHT PERCENT. Amazon might own half of this. That leaves another 92% to grab a slice of. Even if they only grab 4% of this massive chunk, that’s a doubling of their retail business! Amazon is not foolish to enter a segment where 92% of the action lies. Instead, look at them as the classic disruptor: Setting up a beachhead in the low-margin and low-startup cost end of a sector before moving upstream. That’s exactly what they would be doing by moving into physical retail. And guess what? They already have the hub-and-spoke distribution network in place to feed that retail system. Not going the last mile to customers will be an increase in efficiency, not a decrease."
I Want Amazon Bookstores - The Wayfinder - Hugh C. Howey

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