Thursday, August 06, 2015

Mobile phone security moves in slow motion | BetaBoston

How much outraged press/blogosphere coverage would this flaw (and the vendor response to it) have triggered, if it had been iOS instead of Android? Accentuating the potential positive, see How the Stagefright bug changed Android security (The Verge)
"How many Android users could be harmed by this? Virtually all of them, Zimperium claims — about 950 million. But on Wednesday, Google declared that this is a gross exaggeration, and that 90 percent of Android phones are not susceptible to the Stagefright attack. So it’s only about 95 million victims, tops. Good news, of a sort.

As a stopgap measure, Google urges Android owners to change the settings on their instant message software so it doesn’t automatically display incoming MMS messages. Instead, you‘ll get a notification; then you can decide whether to risk a peek."
Mobile phone security moves in slow motion | BetaBoston

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