Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Now Available – Amazon Aurora | AWS Official Blog

A new chapter in cloud DBMS competition

"We announced Amazon Aurora last year at AWS re:Invent (see Amazon Aurora – New Cost-Effective MySQL-Compatible Database Engine for Amazon for more info).  With storage replicated both within and across three Availability Zones, along with an update model driven by quorum writes, Amazon Aurora is designed to deliver high performance and 99.99% availability while easily and efficiently scaling to up to 64 TB of storage.

In the nine months since that announcement, a host of AWS customers have been putting Amazon Aurora through its paces.  As they tested a wide variety of table configurations, access patterns, and queries on Amazon Aurora, they provided us with the feedback that we needed to have in order to fine-tune the service. Along the way, they verified that each Amazon Aurora instance is able to deliver on our performance target of up to 100,000 writes and 500,000 reads per second, along with a price to performance ratio that is 5 times better than previously available."
Now Available – Amazon Aurora | AWS Official Blog

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