Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Gartner Cuts 2015 PC and Phone Forecast | Re/code

It'll be interesting to see the percentage of total PC and phone market profit Apple ends up with, over the next year

"Gartner says that the arrival of Windows 10 will slow rather than help a rebound in corporate PCs, while weakness in the Chinese phone market will hurt global sales in that once high-flying category.

As a result, the market research firm is cutting its forecast for 2015 PC and phone sales, saying it now expects this year’s growth to be just 1.5 percent from last year, down from an estimate three months ago that called for a 2.8 percent annual increase.

The total number of devices — 2.5 billion — is still a big one. However, prices are falling, meaning that total spending on PCs and phones is expected to drop for the first time since 2010, to $606 billion."
Gartner Cuts 2015 PC and Phone Forecast | Re/code

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