Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seattle Takes Oracle's Cloud -

Oracle goes north to participate in Seattle's cloudy future; still tbd if its strategic focus will be to compete with and/or complement AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud (e.g., directly support Oracle apps on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft IaaS)

"Amazon, of course, is based in Seattle, and has the headquarters of Amazon Web Services there. Across Lake Washington, Microsoft’s cloud business, Azure, is a centerpiece of chief executive Satya Nadella’s plans to spur Microsoft’s growth. Google has also located its cloud business in Seattle, and Century Link [sic -- CenturyLink] increased its cloud presence there when it purchased Tier 3 last year.

These businesses, for Seattle the result of a combination of luck (Amazon and Microsoft were already there) and cooperation with local universities to build skills in areas like distributed computing, are for the most part about infrastructure, the management of lots of computer servers and networks. What Oracle is doing is more about building up the next level: software applications in the cloud."
Seattle Takes Oracle's Cloud -

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