Thursday, May 22, 2014

Upstart Pure Storage Takes Aim at Giant EMC | Re/code

Check the Pure Wikipedia article for additional details

"And last Thursday Pure released a new set of products that Dietzen says fills out a portfolio that can now go toe-to-toe with pretty much everything in the EMC arsenal. Pure’s main target is EMC’s VMax line of storage equipment. Pure’s product is 10 times faster than what EMC has, he says, and cheaper to operate over the long run. “You save so much on power that you get the storage for free.”

Pure’s secret sauce is a technology called de-duplication. In enterprise storage, data gets copied and recopied many times over. Imagine a big filing cabinet with 50 copies of each document scattered around in different folders. Practically speaking, you really only need one. That means the filing cabinet doesn’t have to be so big, nor as complex. Another thing Pure does well is compression, shrinking data files down to a more manageable size."
Upstart Pure Storage Takes Aim at Giant EMC | Re/code

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