Saturday, May 31, 2014

Amazon’s ‘Bullying’ Tactics -

Final paragraphs of an Amazon modus operandi reality check; for a different perspective, see How Book Publishers Can Beat Amazon (NYT)

"No matter what you think of Amazon’s tactics, they surely don’t violate any laws. It is acting the way hardheaded companies usually act — inflicting some pain on the party in a dispute to move it toward resolution. On some level, the book industry has never fit comfortably in the contours of big business. But over the years, as one house after another was bought by conglomerates, as they merged with each other, as they tried to increase profits with the kind of regularity that pleases Wall Street, they began the process of commoditizing books.

Jeff Bezos? He’s only taking that process to its logical extreme."
Amazon’s ‘Bullying’ Tactics -

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