Thursday, June 20, 2013

Apple and Netflix Dominate Online Video -

iTunes Radio is probably an ominous leading indicator for Netflix, in terms of a likely future Apple subscription-based video streaming service
"In a recent study, the NPD Group, a research firm, said Apple was by and large the leader for home video downloads. For television shows, iTunes accounted for 67 percent of this market in 2012, and Microsoft’s Xbox video service was a distant second with 14 percent of the market, NPD said. For movies, iTunes had a 65 percent share of the market, with Amazon and Microsoft far behind at 10 percent each, it said.
Another popular method for watching movies and TV online is paying a subscription and streaming as many as you want. In the subscriptions-based video streaming market, Netflix is dominant, with a 90 percent share, and Hulu Plus and Amazon are still hardly relevant."
Apple and Netflix Dominate Online Video -

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