Friday, May 31, 2013

With Windows 8.1, a New Start That Looks Familiar -

Some additional Windows 8.1 details
"There are a variety of other changes in Windows 8.1 that are likely to receive less notice. People using Windows 8.1 in the modern interface will be able to have four different windows open at once, rather than two, which will make it easier for multitaskers to jump among different applications. A new built-in search function will automatically create a slick-looking mash-up of different types of data relevant to a search term, including songs, videos, photos and Wikipedia entries.
The underlying bet Microsoft is making with Windows has not changed, though. Unlike Apple, which has one operating system for the iPad and one for computers, Microsoft believes the software that powers both types of devices should be the same."
With Windows 8.1, a New Start That Looks Familiar -

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