Friday, July 13, 2012

Office 2013 Delayed Until Mid-2013: WinInfo Short Takes: July 13, 2012

I wonder if Google will opt to introduce Windows and Mac OS versions of QuickOffice, in the meantime; see the link below for more context
"Speaking of which, Mary Jo is also reporting that Microsoft has recently delayed the release of its Office 2013 wave of products—which, yes, includes virtually everything under the Office umbrella, including all suites and applications, servers, online services, and more—has been delayed from early 2013 to mid-2013. And I can now confirm that report, with a source at Microsoft telling me that the entire wave of products has been delayed until May 2013. You may recall that Microsoft previously promised that it would deliver a public beta of Office 2013—then known by its codenamed Office 15—“this summer,” which gives them until late September, according to the calendar. But while the final version of the product wave has been delayed, it’s unclear whether that affects this first public preview. And then there’s Office RT—the version of Office that will ship as part of Windows RT, due in October—to consider: Does Windows RT now ship with a pre-release version of Office? My guess is yes, but we’ll have to wait for official word on that one."
WinInfo Short Takes: July 13, 2012

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