Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Business Model Dances | Monday Note

Excerpt from another timely Jean-Louis Gassée reality check
"For the first Nexus tablet, Google can sell it at cost (or close to it), just like Amazon. But Google doesn’t have Amazon’s ecosystem, its vast store of physical products and digital content that the Kindle Fire helps sell. Sooner or later, this could force Google to make tablets “for their own sake”, as a money-making business unit.
Or they could stick with the current Android strategy: An OEM platform that runs zillions of devices, all with the same goal: Expose the consumer to Google services, to the radiation of its advertising business, all the time, everywhere, on any device.
Or , like Microsoft, end up in a neither here nor there crack of the business model space."
Business Model Dances | Monday Note

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