Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get the Latest Edition of Flipboard | Inside Flipboard

Speaking of Google co-opetition, I suspect Google is not entirely thrilled to see Google Reader relegated to a background service role on the iPad (along with Facebook and Twitter).  If successful, this move could accelerate Apple’s acquisition of Flipboard.  See the link below for more new Flipboard features.

What’s in this new release, you ask?

By far our most requested feature to add was Google Reader.  When we spoke to Google Reader enthusiasts about it further, what we heard was that you wanted Google Reader integrated as a social network.  And that’s what we have done.  We now have deep implementation of Google Reader.  You can browse your folders and your friend’s shared items.  You also have the ability to star, share, and comment on stories.

Get the Latest Edition of Flipboard | Inside Flipboard

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