Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google Jumps Into Social Networking Fray (Again) [WindowsITPro]

A timely Buzz reality check

In light testing yesterday I found Buzz to be immediately familiar, as it works much like Twitter or Facebook. But I suspect that many people will have the same reaction I did, which is one of social networking fatigue. Enough already: Even the shameless self-promoters who live via their Twitter feeds must get tired of talking about themselves at some point.

Both Microsoft and Yahoo! have ridiculed Buzz, noting that their own (separate but similar) approaches make more sense for customers. "Busy people don't want another social network," Microsoft said via a prepared statement. "They want the convenience of aggregation. We've done that. Hotmail customers have benefited from Microsoft working with Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and 75 other partners since 2008."

Google Jumps Into Social Networking Fray (Again)

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