Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Chief Positions Motorola for a Rebound -

Check the full article for some insights into the Droid development cycle – and how incredibly dysfunctional Motorola apparently was, pre-Jha; I have a hunch one device is not going to usher in a sustainable turn-around, in the hyper-competitive smartphone market

Looking back, Mr. Jha said that Motorola was in worse shape than he knew when he took the job, largely because of a dysfunctional management culture that missed the shift in consumer preferences from phones intended primarily for talking to those that do nearly everything a computer can do. The company’s engineering talent, which had once developed great phones, remained intact, he said.

As luck would have it, one of those engineers, Rick Osterloh, grabbed Mr. Jha just as he stepped off the stage at that first town meeting in August 2008. Mr. Jha had mentioned Google’s Android operating system for smartphones. Mr. Osterloh rushed the stage to tell him he was working on an Android phone in Motorola’s Silicon Valley outpost that would bring together text messages, e-mail and social-network updates.

New Chief Positions Motorola for a Rebound -

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