Wednesday, October 21, 2009

E-Book Fans Are Proving to Be Enthusiastic Readers -

Apparently a time machine as well as an e-book reader (i.e., creating more discretionary reading time)

But amid the gloom, some sellers and owners of electronic reading devices are making the case that people are reading more because of e-books.

Amazon for example, says that people with Kindles now buy 3.1 times as many books as they did before owning the device. That factor is up from 2.7 in December 2008. So a reader who had previously bought eight books from Amazon would now purchase, on average, 24.8 books, a rise from 21.6 books.

“You are going to see very significant industry growth rates as a result of the convenience of this kind of reading,” said Jeffrey P. Bezos, chief executive of Amazon.

E-Book Fans Are Proving to Be Enthusiastic Readers -

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AmyGeek said...

I might be reading more since I got my Kindle, but I'm definitely buying more...because I'm not taking out library books. So, as far as Amazon is concerned, I'm "reading" more.