Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Mossberg Solution - Fresh 'Discoveries' From iPod, Zune

Microsoft beats Apple with a software + service innovation...

After using the music-discovery software from Apple and Microsoft, I felt like Apple's Genius tool still had a lot to learn, though the company says it will improve over time as more people start using it. Zune's software had some similar issues, but it offered recommendations in a richer, more engaging manner, encouraging me to keep digging around and learn more about my music. Though I didn't happen to have as much time to use Zune's software as I did Apple's Genius, I got more out of my Zune experience.


Apple's Genius is a helpful tool when it comes to quickly making a playlist, and its iTunes sidebar might reveal fresh related content. But the Zune software truly allows people to discover more about their own music and that of others.

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