Monday, September 15, 2008

Microsoft Knits Windows Into India -

An interesting snapshot of Microsoft's ambitions -- and challenges -- in India; excerpt:

"The vast majority of our business [may] still be associated with the PC," says Craig Mundie, Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer, "but we know we have to expand our strategy. For people with no computing access, a cell phone will be their first computing device."

While the mobile services business, where Microsoft India gets 25% of its revenue, is growing nicely, profits have been elusive. One limitation is that Microsoft lacks a big installed base of phones that can run its Windows Mobile software. Nine out of ten smart phones in India run on Nokia (nyse: NOK - news - people )'s Symbian software. Only 6% use Windows, according to IDC. "Our mobile strategy is that we're throwing lots of pies at a wall and seeing what sticks," admits Jaspreet Bindra, director of entertainment and devices for Microsoft India. "We're losing money hand over fist," he says, but his priority is to get an audience of 50 million in the next four years.

Microsoft Knits Windows Into India -

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