Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Supernova - Port 25: [Microsoft keynote news from EclipseCon]

An excerpt from Sam Ramji's blog (he leads open source strategy for Microsoft) follows below -- the headline: Microsoft and the Eclipse Foundation are working together on two key open source initiatives, the SWT for WPF and Higgins interoperability. 

I’m writing this from EclipseCon in Santa Clara, California, where I’m going to announce the beginning of Microsoft’s collaborative work with the Eclipse Foundation.

This started about a year ago when I met Mike Milinkovich at an open source event (the Open Source Software Think Tank 2007) where we were seated at the same table, and assigned to discuss “key issues inhibiting the growth of open source”. We found we had pretty similar ways of looking at problems – I found Mike to be very pragmatic and straightforward in his thinking. That discussion led to a conversation about what we could do to help Eclipse developers building software for Windows.

Yeah, the times are changing...

Supernova - Port 25: The Open Source Community at Microsoft

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