Sunday, March 30, 2008

The BW 50 [ snapshot]

#23 in the list: --

Industry: Internet Retail
Sales: $14.8 billion
Net Income: $476 million

Last year, Wall Street fell back in love with Jeff Bezos, CEO of Sales at the Seattle e-commerce pioneer grew 38.5%, to $14.8 billion. Earnings grew 150%, to $476 million. Outside of Apple, Amazon (AMZN) may now be the strongest one-stop shop for digital media such as MP3 songs and online movies. It's certainly the leader in digital books, with the release of its Kindle e-reader and its acquisition of Perhaps Amazon's most promising development in 2007, though, was its Web-services platform, which allows other companies to buy the technology Amazon uses to run their own operations. Hundreds have signed on—mostly small tech startups.

The BW 50

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