Friday, December 21, 2007

F.T.C. Approves DoubleClick Deal - New York Times

I wonder how many lawyers Google employs these days...

Although Google, the leading Internet search portal, and DoubleClick, which connects advertisers to advertising opportunities on the Web, have been waiting for the better part of the year for an antitrust decision from the F.T.C., their uncertainty is not over yet. The merger could still be held up in Europe, where personal privacy has more legal protections than in the United States and where regulators do not always follow the F.T.C.’s lead on antitrust cases.

The European Commission said it would decide by April 2 whether the Google-DoubleClick deal should go through. Last month, the commission extended its scrutiny after an initial review raised competition concerns.

F.T.C. Approves DoubleClick Deal - New York Times

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