Monday, December 17, 2007

Ellison-Backed IPO to End '07 -

I'm not a financial analyst, but I think one feasible permutation in this context is an IPO and then, ~shortly thereafter (e.g., 6 months later), an Oracle acquisition

Not everyone is enthralled with NetSuite. The company is launching its IPO through a modified auction format; the company warns that investors shouldn't bid if they are hoping to make a short-term profit soon after the stock begins trading, because market demand may not match the price set by the auction.

The auction format, along with the fact that the company has never been profitable, doesn't sit well with Francis Gaskins, president of research site The closest the company has come to eking out a profit recently was in the third quarter, when it lost $1.8 million.

Ellison-Backed IPO to End '07 -

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