Thursday, September 14, 2006

Apple's iPod Success Won't Be Repeated With iTV

Timely reality check.  There's a subtle dimension to the "Steve Jobs 2.0 = Bill Gates 1.0" themes in this and other recent articles, however -- Microsoft isn't currently doing the "... closed ecosystems built on proprietary, locked-down technologies" model in these contexts, while Apple is.

The online video and tv market is wide open right now. Will Apple's iPod/iTunes strategy work as well for movies/tv shows as it did for music? If I was a betting man, I'd give that a resounding NO. There are too many other players - and none of them are as ill-informed and ignorant of the Internet as mainstream music companies were/are. Plus of course Microsoft missed the boat with online music (Zune is a very belated attempt at catch-up), but they won't make the same mistake with video/tv.

Source: Apple's iPod Success Won't Be Repeated With iTV

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