Monday, August 29, 2005

Cutting through search-engine clutter - The Boston Globe

Cutting through search-engine clutter - The Boston Globe ", an Israeli company founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Robert Rosenschein, is the best online destination for anybody in search of a few quick facts on nearly any subject. doesn't search the Web, and its gigabytes of irrelevant gabble. Instead, Rosenschein and his partners struck deals with over 100 reference databases, ranging from Wikipedia to Fogwell's Guide to Wine.
Yes, wine. Type the word ''claret" into Google, and you get 871,000 Web pages where the word appears. Type it into, and Fogwell informs you that a claret is a red Bordeaux wine. You also get a definition of the word from the American Heritage Dictionary, a brief history of the wine from Wikipedia, and 14 translations of the word into different languages, including Arabic and Japanese. All this, collected onto a single Web page and available at a glance.:

I've been a fan of (aka GuruNet and Atomica) for many years. Download the Mac or Windows client today...

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