Thursday, January 09, 2003

Q&A: [Microsoft] "Media2Go" Platform Puts All Digital Media Onto One Portable Device "Media2Go" is a platform that enables next-generation, portable, handheld devices that enable entertainment-on-the-go by providing consumers with an easy and complete solution to download, store and play back all their favorite digital media content including video, music and photos. Today a lot of people have media players, such as a portable music player, that they can put in their pocket and listen to their favorite songs wherever they go. "Media2Go" is designed to provide people with a player that is more complete -- that plays more digital content, not just music but also video and even digital photos. I might have all those capabilities on my PC, but I’m not always at a PC when I want to access those media files. Plus, if I go on a cross-country trip, I might want to take my music or movies or photos along with me.
From a more technical standpoint, it’s a software platform built on Windows CE that enables Microsoft technology partners to build portable media players that have rich media capabilities using technologies such as Windows Media. Additionally, "Media2Go" provide seamless integration with the digital content stored on a PC that's running on the Windows XP operating system. It's important that "Media2Go" devices are complete and easy to use, but what is also critical with these devices is the integration back to the Windows XP PC. If it’s too complex to synchronize with the PC, then people aren’t going to do it. Synchronization of the "Media2Go" device is automatic. Consumers can quickly download their favorite digital content from their PCs to a "Media2Go" device using fast connections, such as USB and IEEE-1394, giving them the freedom to experience the digital media they edit and organize anywhere, any time."

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