Friday, January 31, 2003 Keynote Vs. PowerPoint Keynote Vs. PowerPoint "PowerPoint presentations are a boom and bane of business life. They are easier to prepare, particularly at the last minute, than overhead slides or notes scribbled on index cards. We now all sit through more but better-organized pitches. But Microsoft's ubiquitous PowerPoint software has also put some awesome power of bad design in the hands of millions of business people.
Enter the design divas at Apple Computer (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ). The company's latest foray in to the office-suite software market is its new standalone presentation program dubbed Keynote. Unbeknownst to his audience, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs has, they say, been quietly beta-testing it for the past year in his own eponymous speeches."

You have to wonder about Apple's long-term commitment to the product, however; they have a history of being rather fickle with software products, and an entry in this category won't be easy to sustain.

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