Tuesday, October 01, 2002

O'Reilly Network: Has Java passed its prime? [October 01, 2002] "According to this article: "Creeping featurism may drive programmers away from Java to use newer languages that come along. Java cannot be all things to everyone, but it will probably try to do so... As Java's complexity increases, its utility as a teaching language may decline. Just as C and C++ kicked Pascal and BASIC out of the classroom and were themselves kicked out by Java, Java may get kicked out by whatever new language comes along. Java has many faults and perhaps tries to do too much, between its ever-growing standard APIs and the evolving language and virtual machine. In Java, it's very awkward to express dynamic behavior, such as introspection and adaptation. If dynamic computing structures become as important as static ones, scripting languages may make their long-predicted jump to the fore of software development. But Java will secure its niche, and like Cobol, keep many programmers happily employed.""

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