Thursday, October 31, 2002

eWEEK - Microsoft's Fitzgerald: Web Services Over the Hump Fitzgerald: The baseline standards are there; they're in place, they work. I mean SOAP [Simple Object Access Protocol] and WSDL [Web Services Definition Language] and UDDI [Universal Description, Discovery and Integration]. There are obviously some higher-level capabilities that are evolving and they're evolving quite rapidly. You look at things like WS-Security and WS-Transaction, BPEL [Business Process Execution Language], those things are on a very rapid trajectory and you've got a lot of people involved in that process. At the same time, you've got a coherent approach where people aren't saying here's a security standard and here's a transaction standard and we only care about transactions so we didn't think about security. We and a couple other companies are really focused on the holistic view of the architecture and making sure all the different pieces work together. But I feel really good about the trajectory of that next wave of Web services standards that builds on the baseline SOAP and other protocols.

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