Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Visual Studio Magazine - Leverage Current Apps With Web Services VSM: Where is Java/J2EE stronger?
Guida: J2EE is stronger in security, in transactional support, and in its mobile infrastructure. As a consulting company, we find J2EE in the enterprise. We do a lot of work down on Wall Street, in financial applications, where you see a lot of the early adopters of technology. We see big systems being built with J2EE. I think it might have had more to do with the OS and the hardware that brought Java to the enterprise—more than with the capabilities of Java and J2EE initially. Solaris and these bigger-iron systems were running big enterprise applications. From that, Java was a great language for building new solutions on these boxes. Today, Java's strength is its scalability and performance, and the fact that it's tried and true at this stage in the enterprise.

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