Saturday, July 06, 2002

NYPress - Music - William S. Repsher - Vol. 15, Iss. 27: David Lowery Via robot wisdom weblog. "About to record their third album in 1986, Camper Van Beethoven retired to a cabin in Mammoth, CA, to write songs, and ended up recording a song-for-song tribute to Tusk. The tapes were shelved and lost for years ("Frankly, no one was looking for them," says Camper frontman David Lowery), but found recently and, with the help of some Mac iBook restructuring and studio polishing, released as a two-CD set (available at, with an official release on Aug. 13). Like the original, Camper’s Tusk is all over the place. They obviously had a great time howling portentous Stevie Nicks lines like, "track a ghost through the fog, baby." I recently exchanged e-mails on the topic with Lowery, who will be reuniting the band soon at the Knitting Factory."

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