Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Google Photos: The Mossberg Review | Re/code

Excerpt from a Walt Mossberg review

"In the People section, Google collects all the photos containing faces it thinks are the same, without any work by you. It doesn’t identify these people, but just collects them for you for quick access. I found its guesses remarkably accurate. It even picked out a tiny image of my wife in the background of a group shot.

In the Places section, Google relies on geo-tagging where available. For older photos taken with cameras that lacked location tracking, it relies on known landmarks. For instance, it correctly identified a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night that I took with a cheap camera in 2002.

But the Things section, while less accurate, is more impressive. Here, the app uses cloud computing power to aggregate shots of, say, flowers or cars or the sky or tall buildings or food or concerts, graduations, birthdays — and yes, cats. And there are many more categories, including screenshots, posters and castles."
Google Photos: The Mossberg Review | Re/code
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