Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dropbox Makes a Move Into the Enterprise - Businessweek

How many of those Fortune 500 company IT groups are aware of and/or in control of the Dropbox deployments at their companies? That inconvenient truth is a selling point for the latest Dropbox for Business service.
"Today the company gathered journalists in its swank offices in San Francisco’s China Basin to offer an update on its progress: Dropbox has more than 200 million users and its customers save more than 1 billion files in Dropbox every day. “There are more files saved to Dropbox each day than Tweets on Twitter (TWTR),” said Drew Houston, Dropbox’s 30-year-old chief executive officer.
Dropbox also unveiled its next target beyond everyday Internet users: businesses. Houston says users are already bringing the service into their companies. More than four million businesses used Dropbox last year, including over 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies. “People love that they can work from anywhere. People love they can have their work stuff and personal stuff together for the first time,” Houston said."
Dropbox Makes a Move Into the Enterprise - Businessweek

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