Saturday, March 03, 2012

Clipboard | Blog: You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

I’m sorry to see Amplify go, as I continue to search for a multi-platform alternative to Windows Live Writer; perhaps Clipboard will evolve to address my blogging needs.  In any case, I appreciate the Amplify team being considerate as they wind down, and wish them well.  Now it’s time for me to revisit Clipboard, and to see what it has been up to lately…  I’m also hopeful Evernote will add blog publishing to its feature set sometime soon; it’d be ideal, for my preferences, to be able to blog (via Blogger) using Evernote.

What's being announced? and are shutting down immediately. -- a new clipping site under entirely different management and ownership -- will provide invitations by email to existing Amplify and Clipmarks users. Clipboard will also hold all Amplify and Clipmarks databases in trust to assess if there is demand to retroactively migrate clips from Amplify and Clipmarks into Clipboard.

Why are Clipmarks and Amplify shutting down now?

Despite being first in what is now recognized as an important service category, both services have struggled for some time to continue operating. The reasons why are difficult to state, but ultimately neither service was meeting the needs of their users. Management of each service has decided that the most responsible next step is to retire the sites in as graceful a manner as possible, while helping to support the growth of Clipboard; a new, innovative service that aims to solve the same problem that Clipmarks and Amplify were created to address.

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